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Organic Certifications

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Oranya Farms is fully Certified Organic the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA). We are also certified through the On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program (OFFSAP) and the Chicken Farmers of Canada Animal Care Program.


Our certified organic chickens are raised on all veggie, non-medicated, GMO free, certified organic feed. We provide our birds with roughly double the interior space of conventional chicken as well as providing outdoor access (Free Range) in the form of pastures so that they may roam freely in their natural environment. Our barns are equipped with large picture windows to provide natural light, so that the birds can sunbathe even when the weather is not co-operating. Lastly, we enrich our barn with perches, blinds, and scattered grains so that they may exhibit their natural behaviours.


Our commitment to organic principles doesn't end at the barn door however. We also make sure that our business is operated sustainably. That means no pesticides, poisons, or harmful chemical disinfectants used anywhere. We work with the Environmental Farm Plan Program to minize our environmental impact. We have also partnered with other local organic producers to use our organic manure as fertilizer for their crop production. We are bringing back old-fashion farming and believe that true environmental stewardship is the way of the future!

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