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The Oranya Story

The Oranya family has long farming heritage. Opa immigrated to Canada from Holland in 1954. Coming from a farming family, he knew that his future was in agriculture. He worked ten years as a labourer until he could make a down payment for a small dairy farm on Nicomen Island. This is where Corry and his four brothers were raised. Soon after arriving on the dairy farm, Corry felt right at home and knew he also wanted to continue the family tradition.


In 1989 Corry purchased  his family farm. While he'd had a passion for dairy farming growing up, he had spent fifteen years selling poultry equipment and felt it was a good fit for him.

Corry also spent another fifteen years in the feed industry both as a sales representitive, and twelve years as a partner of a animal feed mill, Excel Feeds of Abbotsford.

Having grown up on the family poultry farm, his son Jeffrey continues the farming tradition, joining his father at Oranya Farms.

Jeffrey's son Casey is now the 4th generation to continue the family legacy.


Correctly spelled "Oranje" (orange in dutch) the name was misspelled when Opa registered the company in Canada. Although the spelling has changed over the years, the farming history traces back to the 18th century.




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